Service Workflow Run Through:

    1. Check In/Ticket Creation - Scan email confirmation QR code (if prebooked) or create a new order with dummy item "Service Intake" and scan the QR on the receipt that prints. This will pull up the order in Shopify. Print the Service Ticket.
    2. Evaluation - Give the customer the Service Ticket to fill out with their bike info while you evaluate. Check all aspects of the bike, sell the customer on whatever service is appropriate and get them to pre-approve any parts needed, customer signs approval.
    3. Cue for service - Attach the Service Ticket to the bike, scan the QR code to cue it for repair, and place it in the Staging area.
    4. New Ticket starts - mechanic sees this bike's Ticket Number appear on the board and finds it in the staging area. They scan the QR code on the Service Ticket and move it from Staging Area to Service Area.
    5. Ticket in progress - Mechanic starts New Order, enters customer info and adds all parts and labor to that order (starting with the requested service first).
    6. Finishing Ticket - When work is done, mechanic marks order as paid with partial payment of $0. (Customer will receive an SMS notifying them the repair is done automatically at this time) Scan Service Ticket QR code to indicate repair is finished. Receipt prints and is stapled to order. Bike is placed in Pickup Area.
    7. Payment and Pickup - Customer returns having seen text. Order is found by order # sent text. Scan QR on Receipt to pull up order. Add payment by desired method. 
    8. Closing Ticket - Scan QR on Service Ticket to indicate repair is finished.

Setting up a phone or tablet for the scanning process:

  1. Download "Scan to Web" by BerryWing - Apple Link, Android Link
  2. Set "After barcode scan" to "Attempt form submit"
  3. Within the app settings menu, click "Barcode and App settings." Set as:
    1. Allow access to camera = on
    2. Hyperlink target destination = Safari (or another web browser)
    3. textarea Append/Replace = on
    4. Scan suffix = submit on scan