Elite Tune Up

$ 129.00 $ 170.00 24%
  • Elite Tune Up

Elite Tune Up

$ 129.00 $ 170.00 24%

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  • Without question, this is best thing you can do pre-race to ensure top bike performance.

    We won't mince words. If you want a great time on the bike course, you need to get your equipment in peak working condition before it goes in transition. That means it's been checked and tuned by an experienced professional race mechanic. At Bikes and Life, our on-site team includes IRONMAN Athletes. We get it. We will not let your bike out of our sight until we are confident it's ready for optimal performance out on the course.

    Your Elite Tune Up includes everything from the Pro Tune Up plus:
    • Lubricate or fully replace internally routed brake/shifter cables*
    • Drivetrain removal, deep cleaning, and lubrication
    • Full wheel truing
    • Wipe down and polish

    *Parts not included.